New UPS Models 2017

Published on: 18 September 2016

The Dutch Association of Insurers and Pension Federation on the website Pensioenmodellen published the HPO model 2017 and its manual.


Classification based on survey - understanding - action

The models have a thorough makeover. As on Retirement 1-2-3 is now the UPS uses icons. In addition, the models become more concise and it is with the new classification based on providing "Overview - understanding - action. The lyrics are pretty shape: the state performers free to adapt it better and to connect to the information needs and characteristics of the participants. New is the model for pensioners. Unlike before, there are no disclosures made in the models. The manual find pension administrators detailed information about how the models are required.


Layered communications

The pension umbrella have with the new UPS models' layered communication "in mind, as with Retirement 1-2-3. Layer 1 is a trigger to the participant to read the UPO. This layer is set form, for example, a letter in a colored envelope or an e-mail. Layer 2 is the UPO itself. There are several links to in-depth information, for example and Retirement 1-2-3. The information behind these links can be seen as a layer 3.


As for inspection in connection with many changes

The models are present for approval to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. Possibly followed by another (small) changes in response to the reaction of Social Affairs. Because of the many changes to the format and the required implementation time choose the pension umbrella sure to set already now available models to their members.


Read more on the website Pensioenmodellen.