Gerard van Olphen's response to the Climate agreement

Published on: 21 December 2018

Gerard van Olphen, chairman of the Executive Board of APG and chairman of the Task Force for Finance, responds to the Climate Agreement.


"The Dutch financial sector is positive about the draft Climate Agreement that is now ahead. In recent months, many parties have worked hard on this and that deserves much appreciation. Now it is time to take the next step to achieve the Paris climate goals together. According to the agreement, the financial sector takes its responsibility when it comes to climate change. We will invest billions more in sustainable growth and will measurably and significantly reduce the CO2 emissions from our loans and investments. So that our customers can also enjoy a financially healthy and sustainable world in the future. Promising steps have been taken with the climate agreement today. At the same time, more elaboration and realization is needed. The financial sector would like to discuss this further with all parties involved in the coming months.”


The full text of the Climate Agreement can be found on (in Dutch only).