Elderly people in Heerlen enjoy a memorable afternoon at APG

Published on: 14 February 2019

On Tuesday afternoon, February 12, APG received more than 100 elderly people from the Heerlen region at the head office..


Gerard van Olphen, CEO of APG, welcomed the elderly to the ‘ZilverUitje’, helped with serving and had a chat with the elderly people. Also acting mayor of Heerlen, Emile Roemer, was present to meet the elderly. Roemer: ‘The ‘ZilverUitje’ is of course an initiative that you can be proud of as a company. Especially when you look at the target group, what it is about and how you can put people in the spotlight. They are people who really deserve it. Yes, this ‘Zilveruitje’ is really beautiful. "



APG worked together with caterer Sodexo for the ZilverUitje. The National Elderly Fund was present with a stand, with which it draws attention to its initiatives: the ‘Zilverlijn’, the BoodschappenPlusBus and social activities.


Social contact is important for a beautiful old age

APG provides the pension for millions of people on behalf of their pension fund. Every day APG is working on a healthy financial future for teachers, civil servants, agents, construction workers, military personnel, medical specialists and other professional groups. But for a nice retirement, APG does not think a good pension is enough. Having human contact is at least as important. And because a large group of elderly people in the Netherlands have to do without or with very little social contact, APG makes an extra effort for them.


Initiatives APG to support the elderly

The ZilverUitje is one of the projects in a series of initiatives with which APG will devote extra effort to Dutch society in the coming years. At the end of 2018, APG announced that it would adopt the Zilverlijn: a free call service for lonely elderly people who indicated that they would like it to be called by an enthusiastic volunteer once a week. APG not only provides financial support, a large number of employees of APG call weekly on a voluntary basis with these elderly people.