APG public report nominated for Pension Pro Award 2019

Published on: 7 June 2019

APG’s new public report ‘Walk with us’ has been nominated for the communication Pension Pro Awards 2019.


The public report ‘Walk with us’ went online this week. With this report APG as a major pensions player takes responsibility for making the welter of information that people receive easier to understand and for raising awareness about pensions. Which is why the Pension Pro Awards 2019 jury nominated APG in the categorie communication.


Praise for personal pension pots
ABP has been nominated among other things for the personal pension pot. Participants can see at a glance how much money they contribute themselves, how much the employer contributes and the return that ABP obtains. The personal pension pot is currently available to more than 850,000 participants.

The jury’s comments on this are: ‘ABP is committed to the collective interest, but with due attention to the individual. The clear view provided by the ‘personal pension pot’ is a step forward in this regard: Clear communication with and proximity to the participant will be essential in the years to come. Commendable: bold, and well-timed with regard to the national pension debate.’


Inclusivity approach is admirable
PWRI is to invest €100 million a year in companies that create extra jobs for people with work limitations. Providing the investment produces a financial return.
To demonstrate this, PWRI encourages the companies to have their efforts in the area of inclusivity reflected in a certificate from the PSO (Prestatieladder Socialer Ondernemen, literally “Performance Ladder for Social Entrepreneurship”).


Reason enough for the jury to nominate PWRI for the public award. The jury report refers to a unique form of engagement that looks specifically at aspects that are important to the pension funds’ backers. ‘PWRI’s approach to inclusivity is special, and admirable: an ESG solution in the direct interest of the participants. This creates involvement with and proximity to the people on whose behalf all our efforts are made.'


The awards will be presented on June 20. You can vote for APB and PWRI until 4 p.m. on Thursday June 13, 2019 on Pension Pro Award 2019.