APG predicts demand from pension participants

Published on: 30 October 2016

APG will use data science to further improve services to members of pension funds. Based on available data, such as age and marital status, it is possible to ask participants to "predict" and anticipate. APG wait no longer for a phone call, email or tweet, but participants will approach proactive and activate.


For example, with specific information about the effects of a new job for the accrual of pension are. APG expects this development over time, fewer emails and phone calls leads to the customer contact center. Furthermore, effective and efficient and euml, communicate more effectively with participants. This potentially results in a substantial saving for the affiliated pension funds. First, long-term pilot studies show that participants value the new service.


Context increasingly important

Participants increasingly expect better communication and service of their pension fund. Not least because as consumers of other service providers, such as banks, insurers and retailers also have extensive online service. In the improvement of the service to understand the context of the participant is becoming increasingly important. Every life stage and personal situation of the participant knows after all other needs for information about retirement.


Data science contributes to proactive service

To receive this context sharper focus puts APG data in science, including artificial intelligence. For this, built by a special team algorithms which will include use of contact history, personal pension information and online click behavior of large groups of participants. By combining this information for different audiences, to predict with great certainty when on any topic, contact the pension fund. For a participant can be determined by life event how likely it is that he is contacting or visiting the My Digital Fund environment. Furthermore, it is clear what kind of communication works best for an individual participant. These insights are used to access the participant proactive, but also efficient and euml,. Communicate more transparent and more effective with the participant

Raoul Willms, Director of Marketing  Distribution APG Many people are still not aware of their retirement. While income for the future is something very important. We invest then still in full knowledge and modern technology and euml; n order to make consumers more involved and to take action when it comes to their retirement