APG new pension provider for pPension fund for practices of architects

Published on: 30 March 2017

Efforts to prepare a seamless transition will be undertaken in the coming period. The administration and implementation of the pension scheme will be actually transferred to APG as of January 1, 2018. The agreement between the two parties will extend to 2023, with the option of renewal.


APG will ensure correct administration of pension rights, collection of pension contributions, and payment of retirement benefits for the PFA.


Willem Jan Boot, chairman of the board of PFA: “After a careful process, APG emerged to be the best pension provider. We feel that APG is a future-proof party and believe it is the party that can best service our participants and employers.”


Gerard van Olphen, Chairman of APG’s Executive Board said: “We are pleased that PFA has chosen APG. We would like to thank PFA’s board for their confidence in us. We will pull out all the stops in the coming period to ensure a smooth transition, so that we can provide optimal service to both the pension fund and the individual participants from January 1, 2018.”