APG calls on government: do not ignore large polluters

Published on: 8 June 2020

Eyes on Climate Agreement while stimulate economy during corona

Together with pension fund and customer ABP, APG calls on the government to switch to pricing CO2 as soon as possible. This accelerates the required green investments and stimulates the economy. Geraldine Leegwater, member of the ABP board, and Ronald Wuijster, member of the APG board of directors, explain today on the FD's opinion page why they are sounding the alarm.


It has been agreed in the climate agreement that the Netherlands will unilaterally introduce a broader and rising CO2 tax if necessary. However, the explanatory memorandum to the draft bill showed last week that because of the corona crisis, the Cabinet wants to go a little slower for large companies that face a lot of foreign competition.


ABP and APG endorse and support the Paris climate ambitions. According to them, the unexpected crisis requires strong intervention in the Netherlands and in Europe to get the economy going again. This must be done in a way that contributes to the climate and energy transition. Leaving large polluters out of the picture does not fit in with that.


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