APG already invests over 4.8 billion euros in renewable energy

Published on: 27 November 2018

Fair Insurance Guide doesn't include alternative investments APG


The Fair Insurance Guide (FIG) has conducted a study into the role of investors in combating climate change. The FIG does not include APG's 4.8 billion investment in renewable energy in its research. The study only looked at investments in listed shares, while APG also invests heavily in sustainability in other ways. At the end of 2017, APG recorded an increase of no less than 85% in investments in renewable energy compared to 2015. In the same period, the CO2 footprint fell by 27.5%. This is all set out in the APG Responsible Investment Report, which was published earlier this year on our website.


APG invests on behalf of pension funds and their members and attaches great importance to honest and transparent communication about its sustainability policy. It is partly for this reason that an extensive dialogue has been conducted in recent years with the FIG researchers on various subjects. It is disappointing that they do not take account of APG's major efforts in the area of investments in renewable energy as only investments in equities are included.


Nevertheless, APG has a great deal of respect for the work of the FIG in encouraging organizations to invest responsibly. APG believes in a good pension in a sustainable world. We will continue to conduct the dialogue with the FIG and the underlying stakeholders in the future.