ABP wins award for Pension Pop-Up Store

Published on: 3 November 2016
    On the last day of the 3-day Pension Event, Secretary of State Klijnsma awarded the 2016 Pension Reference Award to ABP and FinBase. The award presented by Wijzer in Geldzaken (Smarter in Financial Affairs) is an incentive for organizations to give their consumers easier insight into their pension.



For this year’s award, there were six nominees in two different categories (up to 30 employees and over 30 employees). The judges, chaired by Secretary of State Klijnsma, selected the advice platform of FinBase with MijnGeldzaken.nl in the first category. In the second category, the judges selected ABP’s pension pop-up store. The judges praised the fact that the pop-up stores enable the employers to review pensions on the work floor together with the participants. She classed it as ‘contagious’.


Low threshold and successful

The Pension Pop-Up Store is an interactive animation stand on pensions and MijnABP to be placed with employers on the work floor for a few days. The first Pension Pop-Up Store was placed with the City of Utrecht in early February 2016. Meanwhile, the initiative is in such high demand that two Pop-Up Stores are now ‘on tour’. Both participants and employers experience it as a low-threshold way of communicating about pensions. ABP developed it because employees often use their employers as the first point of contact for pension-related questions. A Pension Pop-Up Store on the work floor makes it easier to help people in answering questions. Employees can find out more about their pensions in the store. They can also log into MijnABP in the store to review their pension situation. The Pop-Up Store also registers employees for personal appointments with a pension adviser. The Pension Pop-Up Store is part of a broad range of pension communication options that ABP offers, encouraging employers to share on pensioenpluim.nl.