"You don't have to do it alone; you can help each other."

Published on: 14 November 2023

"Did you know that half of Dutch women are not financially self-sufficient, but dependent on a partner, family, or the government?" That's how host Inge Diepman starts the third episode of the APG Podcast 'Money for Women,' a trilogy featuring APG's top women, in collaboration with the Global Women's Forum. Led by Inge Diepman, journalist Liesbeth Staats, author Marianne Bruijn, and financial coach Lieke Nusteling, along with Heleen Kuijten, Director of People & Change at APG, explore what women can do themselves when making choices in the areas of work, family, and balance. "Does gaining more insight help, and how do we go about it?"


In her work, Kuijten sees it almost daily: young women opting for part-time work when expecting a family expansion. "And that's perfectly fine, as everyone should decide for themselves. As long as that choice is made consciously, based on good information. It seems that at APG, most people working here have sufficient knowledge of finance and pensions. However, even here, I would like to see young families think more about the long-term consequences of part-time work. Because it works well with two incomes, but what if things don't go well, and a divorce follows? How can you ensure that as a woman, you are not so dependent?"


During the podcast, Kuijten receives practical tips that she is eager to take with her. She also observes that everyone struggles with the social system in the Netherlands, which can limit choices. "However, I think it's great if women discuss this among themselves. Not only with your partner. Share experiences with friends, advocate for education in schools, incorporate the topic in onboarding at companies. We don't have to figure it all out on our own, and we can help each other with practical tips."


The podcast can be listened here (SoundCloud) and here (Spotify) - in dutch.


In the picture above, from left to right:


  • Lieke Nusteling: coach and social media educator, primarily focused on millennials
  • Marianne Bruijn: author of the book 'The Female Fix'
  • Heleen Kuijten: Director of People & Change at APG
  • Inge Diepman: presenter, facilitator, and program creator
  • Liesbeth Staats: journalist and host of Daily Move at BNR