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There are several special benefit schemes in the Netherlands that cost employers a lot of time and money to administer, including unemployment benefit top-up schemes, redundancy pay schemes, the pension scheme for holders of political office, and more. Administering all these pension and redundancy pay schemes for workers simply comes with a lot of legal, financial, administrative, and policy consequences. As an employer, it requires you to figure out and organize many different things, while it also involves adapting administrative systems and specific communications to your (former) employees. All in all, this is a major burden for your organization.


Making life easier across the board


APG will gladly take all of this work off your shoulders. We have many years of experience with everything involved in meticulous administration of these special pension and redundancy pay schemes. Our Employer Services are making life easier for a growing number of employers in the public sector. And for you, too, we can take on the complete administration of these schemes, customized entirely to your or your workers’ preferences as and when needed. After all, our experience has shown that customization - alongside our sector-specific expertise of all benefit top-up schemes - is key with these kinds of schemes.


With our Employer Services, you can be secure in the knowledge that APG will give you expert advice and make sure everything is taken care of on time. Both for employers and for (former) employees. It means you have more time, manpower, money, and energy available to dedicate to your core business. And you are assured of a flawless administration. Plus, we will also take care of effective communications to all stakeholders.


Our services

    • Administration
      APG boasts many years’ experience in the administration of a wide range of redundancy pay schemes, individual schemes, and pension schemes under the General Pensions for Holders of Political Office Act (known by its Dutch initials, APPA). For a wide range of employers in the public sector, including provincial authorities, water authorities, and local authorities, and for people who hold political office, such as government ministers, state secretaries, and members of Dutch parliament. We take care of administering these special benefit schemes and offer customization wherever you or your workers want.

      This way, you will be assured of a flawless administration with an eye for innovation. Our self-service facilities let beneficiaries take care of their benefit applications themselves from A to Z. We take care of verification and correct administration of entitlements and make sure premiums are collected on time and benefits are paid on time. APG can also administer custom schemes, provided that they remain within the boundaries of the implementation frameworks.
    • Verification and enforcement
      At APG, legitimacy comes first in determining entitlement to and payment of the various benefits. Meticulousness, verification, and clarification (and enforcement) of rights and obligations are an integrated part of our processes. Whenever a benefit application is submitted, we verify entitlement to the benefit and the length and extent. And when a benefit application is successful, we make the beneficiary aware of their rights and obligations, such as the obligation to apply for jobs and register with the Employee Insurance Agency’s (UWV) employment office. We actively monitor compliance, in the form of a monthly “work and income” report, for example, and enforce the obligation to seek employment and intervene immediately as and when required.
    • Communication
      Changes to laws and regulations have a direct impact on both a collective and an individual level. For employers, it is key that information about such changes be shared with workers on time, in full, and accurately.

      Also in this respect, we can make life easier for employers. For these kinds of specialist communications, we offer advice and solutions that are customized to the employer’s specific sector and corporate culture. So that employers can always keep their workers informed in a way that is accurate and trusted.

      The more personal the communications, the better the message gets across. And so, APG always adapts information to the recipient’s personal situation. Thanks to our many years’ experience in the areas of pensions, redundancy pay, and rehabilitation after sickness absence, we are able to take the perspective of that recipient. And we know which specific communications approach best suits the various target groups and subjects. We will put together a keenly aligned and balanced mix of communication resources for your label, based on your communication strategy. Our experienced communications specialists are highly skilled and educated both on a strategic level and on a creative level, and they are well-versed in both offline and online communications.

Choosing APG Employer Services is a choice for:

    • Expertise - APG is the sum of its specialists. We have committed and highly-educated people in the area of administration, policy advice, and implementation. And when it comes to redundancy pay and benefit top-up schemes, we are the number one specialist - we provide specialist advice and administration services to multiple clients in different sectors and industries.
    • Efficiency - APG’s digitalized and largely automated customer processes deliver convenience, speed, and security. For employers and workers alike. APG lightens the load for the employer’s organization, so that the employer has more time, money, and energy available to focus on core business.
    • Security - APG guarantees reliable and solid administration: legally sound, secure data traffic, on-time payment and/or collection, professional advice, and clear progress reports.
    • Personal attention - APG can handle all communications to (former) workers in the employer’s name and using the employer’s logo. Aside from that, APG will also be on hand to provide personal support on your behalf whenever necessary.


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